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Why Holistic

Why Holistic? Why nontoxic color? …does it work the same?

In the beginning of my career I used ‘regular’ color just like everyone else, 7 months into doing hair behind the chair for 7-10hrs I day I got really ill. This was the second time this had happened. After some extensive testing I discovered I had toxic blood poisoning due to hair color.

This made me question everything. Could I not do hair? Did I need to switch careers?
Already living a holistic approach to my life in many other ways I went on a search to see if there was an alternative out there to normal color.

BOOM! Found Simply Organic a company based in Florence Italy that was all about nontoxic, sustainable farming, sourcing organic ingredients, being bio dynamic, using glass instead of plastic, all materials being recyclable, and most importantly fully transparent. From the moment they source their ingredients to formulating the transparency is there! Their ethics follow all the things I believe in.

Welcome to the best of both worlds!
Luxury hair without all the toxins!

Yes color still stays, absorbs, and can cover grays
Mmm…their bleach is my FAVE, no toxins with great raw lift. Infused with cotton protein and shea butter
Lightening without drying out or over processing the hair
Also all the essential oils infused into the products and color is where the difference speaks for itself. Get your hair colored and a deep condition at the same time

What my clients have said about switching over:
- There are no fumes to the color or bleach
- They have never been able to grow out their as fast while still being blonde
- Their hair feels truly clean, no residue feeling on their scalp or hair