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NBR Extensions

At Aprilovely Salon, I only provide the most luxurious natural extensions, NBR (Natural Beaded Row) Extensions. They are the most seamless looking and cause NO breakage to your own hair.

YES, I said it, NO breakage!


    • NBR Extensions are applied by creating a track around the head (placement varies with each client) that supports the weight of the extensions. The weft extensions are sewn to the track, which evenly distributes the weight leading to no breakage on your own hair.

    • NBR Extensions don't have restrictions when it comes to the activities and places you love to go. With the right installment, products, and care instructions you can workout, rock out, and live life at the beach, all while loving your hair that much more!

    • Your extension hair, with the proper maintenance, will last you 7-9 months.

    • Maintenance includes getting your rows moved up every 6-8 weeks along with your color.

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Much love:

- xo Aprilovely