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Hair Care

Extension Care

Don’t be scared to treat your new extensions hair as you do your own with a couple things to keep in mind:

- Shampoo the top of your wefts
If you need too take a clip into the shower and clip up your natural hair so you can feel the weft and the lather, do so, it can never be too soapy
- Make sure you are using a sulfate free shampoo that is color safe
I recommend using Oway and you can find all holistic products in my shop and website
If you use dry shampoo or are heavy on the products double shampoo; first shampoo is removing residue, the second is cleansing. Scrub that scalp sister!

- Condition your extension hair from top to bottom to maintain the softy silk feel
I recommend using Oway moisturizing hair mask as a daily conditioner
- Mask your hair once a week
Shampoo, jump out of the shower, towel dry your hair, apply mask, and leave for 20min - 1hr

-Oil! Oil! Oil!
Oway glossy nectar is the goat and everyone needs it
After towel drying your hair and before brushing it, also can be applied daily to mids/ends for nourishment and shine

-Brush your hair from the top of your weft down
If you need to clip your hair up to brush your weft do so… be gentle sis

-Styling just got a whole lot better but be mindful of heat
If you blow-dry and style often grab a heat protectant from the shop

Rules to live by:
NO sunscreen on hair ever! If this happens it will distort your extension hair color and there is nothing I can do to fix it
If you go in the ocean or pool apply a leave in condoner to your hair and brush it through. This will absorb into cuticle first before hitting the water ensuring your hair to last longer