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Hi my name is April but most know me as Aprilovely. Located in sunny Scottsdale AZ. Holistic hair is my jam, and I'm all about the natural vibes in and out of the salon. Looking like you were born with it is my speciality, whether it's color or adding all the hair to give you the fullness and length of your dreams. I offer NBR extensions exclusively, as I have found the method to be perfect for all hair types. I am passionate about all things health, so you will find a little more than just hair in my Salon.  

Aprilovely is a space for women to come, let their hair down and take a deep breath. You can take your shoes off if you'd like to. Alchemy is what I live by. I have found it to be the secret Magik for everything in life; from formulating color, to rewriting patterns of our own truths.  

If you want to experience sitting down in my chair, book a consult below and I will be in touch soon.