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I specialize in Natural Color and Blondes

From the time I began hair school until now, opening my own salon space, I have loved perfecting and creating seamless color that makes the people around you question if you were just blessed with the beautiful hair they see!

Before the coloring service, I have an in depth consultation with each client. During this consultation we will be going over the exact color and style you are trying to achieve. This will allow me to determine what coloring techniques I will need to use to in order to bring your desired look to reality!


Usually starts 2-3 inches away from the scalp and is performed by hand painting pieces to create a sun kissed glow affect on the hair. I use Oway Hbleach Ammonia FREE lightener.

Hbleach is infused with 3 different essential oils to ensure while lightening your hair, you are still getting nourishing benefits to prevent dryness and breakage:

       -Organic Perilla

        -Fair Trade Date

        -Biodynamic Lavender


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Highlight, Babylights, Aprilovely Salon, Scottsdale, Arizona, Holistic Hair Care, Salon, Natural


Starting at the scalp each strand being lightened is wrapped into foil. Foil placement varies with each client depending on where they would like to see the pop in brightness or an even transition throughout. This is discussed at the consultation.

I use O&M Ammonia FREE lightener. O&M lighteners 3 beneficial ingredients are: 

       1. Aloe Vera - To smooth and protect the scalp from irritation.

       2. Kaolin Clay Mineral - Protects against color fading.

       3. Montmorillonite Clay Mineral - To ensure hair health.


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After lightening the hair, majority of people don't achieve the desired color they are wanting. A toner is applied to the hair after lightener has been rinsed out to achieve the desired tone: Blonde, Caramel, Ashy etc... I use Oway Hnectar to tone and ladies it is the BEST thing I have ever used! Essentially you are getting a deep condition while processing. 

Hnectar provides an excellent plumping and restructuring affect thanks to cotton protein, as well as the vitamins and amino-acids contained in Papamiel. It also offers long lasting hydration, thanks to the high concentration of sugars contained in the nectar's. Hair does not require protein integration or restructuring treatments, as Hnectar is a color service with integrated hair lifting. 


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I use Oway Hcolor to achieve any shade from black to the brightest blonde. Hcolor is infused with the same 3 essential oils as Hbleach (Organic Perilla, Fair Trade Date and Biodynamic Lavender) and has an added benefit of cotton protein. Organic cotton proteins are rich in reparative Vitamin E and Ceramides to bind the cuticle and cortex, adding strength, moisture and elasticity to the hair. 


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If you would like some help choosing the right color or technique for your hair, please reach out to me and I would love to help guide you to your dream look!