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The Lovely Box

Happy you found yourself here!
There are no accidents, just synchronicites. So, welcome, love!

The lovely box is your tool box. It is your friendly reminder every month to lean into yourself and connect with your mind, body, and soul! As we are navigating our way through life our bodies, perceptions, and beliefs change. The lovely box is something you can turn to time and time again to bring yourself home. 


This month we are focusing on the Heart Chakra.
The point of connection and compassion to ourself and others. This is where being home inside your body is. The space where the highest frequency lies, the love frequency.

What you can find inside the box this month to assist you in amplifying your heart space:

-Rose Quartz Crystal
-Herbal Tea Blend
-Heart Opening Meditation
-Rose Charcoal Clay Mask
-Vitamin C Serum
-QR Code for lifetime discount on Perfect Dose RX

Self Care is Self Love
Healing from the inside out is what we are all about. 

Much LOVE!
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